G-Force Motorsport


Live the dream!!

We are offering a fantastic opportunity for a serious motorsport fan … a fully supported rent-a-drive in our newest G-Force Proto.


As was widely reported in the international press covering 2012 Silk Way Rally, team leader Boris Gadasin proved that in the right hands this hand-built, 7 litre V8 beast is capable of challenging the works teams … at a fpraction of the cost of renting a works car!!

This is not just an offer for someone who wants to compete to make up the numbers, the G-Force Proto is a vehicle suitable for someone wanting to make a serious impression in the world’s premier off-roading events.


Base specifications:


- Maximum speed – over 200km/h

- 0-100km/h - less than 5 sec

- Engine step 2, characteristics :

- Volume 7000cc

- Power around 300 hp

- Torque about 600 Nm 


Renting includes:


- renting the car

- servicing by the team mechanics

- servicing overseen by the team engineer

- services of the team trainer

- technical support of a  truck and fast service car

- event logistics

- tyres

- fuel

- spares for mechanical failures


If you have any questions please contact us: +79219372847 Boris; + 380674665551 Bogdan; +79112986877 Marina

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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